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About Us

We have a highly motivated staff that are dedicated to make sure we give you the best workout possible in a fun safe way! Give us a call today 201-912-9096.

our approach

Our approach will be to utilize our skills as boxing coaches & active weight lifters to create a friendly enivornment but goal-oriented clients.

our mission

Our mission is to educate our clients in the sport of boxing as well in boxing conditioning, weight training, strength training and weight loss.

our vision

Inspire to motivate, helping build a healthy community ONE CLIENT at a time! Our studio gives our trainers the setting to keep it personal and cater to your needs.

What we do

Fun workouts full of energy whether is boxing, weight training or weight loss training. Set up your session today

Boxing Program

We provide you with speed bags, heavy bags, uppercut bags and much more to help you throw combination punches and create a lean, toned body structure.

Strength Training

Using the best-in-class trainers, we build goals for you. We help push you to your limit to help you build and develop better endurance and accelerate you.

Cardio Boxing

Our dynamic training team provide results. We apply a series of customized components to bring a fast paced movement using your arms, legs and your core.

Weight Loss

Since all your muscles are being activated with our high intensity work out your body is going to utilize fat for enegry instantly and increase strength.


Clients are more than just customers they are our friends and our family.
Here are some pictures and videos of their progress. Call us today 201-912-9096.

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